Explanation of College Football and Men's Basketball Rankings Predicted Wins

These are listings of the percent of the seasons' wins predicted by various rankings of sports teams (college football and men's basketball), where a ranking is considered to have predicted a win if it is a game subsequent to when the ranking was issued, which was won by that ranking's the higher ranking team.

The aim is to compare how well individual rankings managed to predict the wins we've seen so far, specifically wins since the rankings were produced.

The wins used for evaluating each week's rankings include wins since that ranking came out, but do not include wins since the most recent ranking (Current Week).

Data source is Kenneth Massey's comparison pages:

The structure and detail of this "Wins Predicted" page is analogous to that of the "Wins Explained" page, so see the explanation of the latter page for details.

Note: The column for the current week is not relevant because there have been no games since with which to evaluate it. The numbers shown are for the entire season's game results.

Note: these pages show how the rankings fit with game results seen after the rankings came out. For similar information regarding the rankings and game results before the rankings came out, see the Ranking Violation % at the bottom of Kenneth Massey's comparison pages.

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