Explanation of College Football and Men's Basketball Combined Full+25 Summary

These tables score and rank various rankings of sports teams (college football and men's basketball), where the ranking's score is an average of six other measures of the ranking. The six:

These six numbers are averaged to yield this score for the ranking. These are done for each week prior to the current week. The "Current Week" column is the average of four of the six measures: without the predictions. The "Overall" column is a composite of the four weeks prior to the current week, with some penalty for rankings for which we don't have for all four of those weeks.

A couple of factors lower some of the measures, but do so equally for all rankings:

In effect, wins/losses among the top 25 teams are counted double and predicted wins/losses (after the ranking came out) are counted double, making top 25 predictions count four times.

This scoring is not comparable between full rankings versus rankings that rank only the top 25 teams, e.g. AP and USA. For a comparable scoring, see the similar page that averages just the last three of the six above measures ("Combined Ranking Analysis" for the top 25 teams).

Data source is Kenneth Massey's comparison pages:

The structure and detail of this "Combined Full+25 Summary" page is analogous to that of the "Correlations", "Wins Explained", and "Wins Predicted" pages. The "combined analysis" rating is an average of the three. See the explantions of the three:

The "overall" ranking is for convenience, and is an average of the four weeks prior to the current week. A separate version of the analysis covers just each rankings' top 25 teams.

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